"Overfishing, habitat loss, climate change (yes), and pollution are driving numbers of most species into a faster and faster decline. Keep in mind this study was published back in 2006 – but since then, not much has changed. Not enough, anyway." The Oceans Could Be Dead by the Year 2048 - The Inertia

"The increasing pace of diversity loss thus imperils the 'ecosystems services' that many human populations depend on for survival, the study says. The research also found that biodiversity loss is tightly linked to declining water quality, harmful algal blooms, ocean dead zones, fish kills, and coastal flooding." Seafood May Be Gone By 2048, Study Says - National Geographic

NOTE FROM ZMKF: This is definitely a situation where, yes, by being a bystander, you are doing something.

We can head this off. We can, there is no doubt we should, but...will we? 

The history of humanity has been problem after problem solved at the very last minute by people who were always capable of solving whatever problem it was but didn't care enough until...something shifted.    

When will it shift this time?

“At the very last moment” for this problem cannot be after the last moment has passed. I cannot stress the importance of the ocean enough. The ocean regulates our planet’s temperature. The ocean has the most diversity in it. The ocean gives us most of our oxygen via the plankton.

By 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish, partly due to the increase of plastic, partly due to the decrease of fish.

Scientists are predicting the end of the Arctic ice by 2060.

I will be an alcoholic at age 47 if you let this happen. And there are things you can do. There definitely are. And they don’t necessarily cost money. But the solutions are worth the effort - here are just a few:

From We Forum

Trash Is For Tossers

From Conserve Energy Future

We need legislation and enthusiasm and some money to head this off. But I promise you, it will be worth it! Not only will you be helping my sanity, you will – in the end – be saving money and resources.

I’ve heard people try to spin saving the world, making it seem like there’s some sort of downside.

There is no downside to saving our ocean. 

NOTE FROM BILL HAWKS AKA PIPER SHOREMAN: The ocean supplies us with so much, while the only things we supply it with are trash and pollution; now don't go around saying, "Well obviously they're not talking about me, I've never littered in my life!" I'm sure your high school's gym bleachers would say the same thing.

Even if you really have never littered, ask yourself this, "When was the last time I picked up someone else's trash?" I'm not talking about your pesky little brother who leaves a mess everywhere.

I mean, "Oh no! Someone left an empty Fritos bag on the beach! Someone should pick that up before it gets in the ocean, or a seagull eats it!" then thinking, "You know what, why can't I just do that? If I don't, who will?" and proceeding to pick it up and dispose of it in the proper can (then please, wash your hands afterward). In fact I highly recommend bringing latex gloves, (or similar hand protection) to prevent as much bacteria and germ spread as posible. Five minutes of your time--with the help of others--could result in years of a clean, and life filled ocean, years we wouldn't have without you.


D O N ' T  L E T  I T  G O .