Shark Fin Soup


One day you find yourself in a popular Chinese restaurant with a hankering for some soup.

“Shark fin is always a favorite!”

“Okay, I’ll take that!”

They bring you a bowl of hot soup, and you devour it.

In your bowl is not chicken, or cow, or anything like that. It is shark (hence the name).

How is this even made, how is this even legal! Well, how is this legal? This is one of many things causing sharks to be endangered, fisheries bring in whole sharks, to do what? To take only their fin. Everything else is wasted! An entire life to only take a fin. What is this? Only 6% of restaurants in China don’t serve it! It is illegal in California, but since when does that stop people? It is still not illegal to kill whole sharks, but it is not allowed to sell the fins. This could be twisted so easily! If we don’t take action, then soon there won’t even be sharks! Just imagine how that would mess up the entire ecosystem, between parasites and birds, it would be a worldwide catastrophe!

OK, if you still would go to China and eat shark, regardless of the shark. Then if you don’t care about the shark, how about you?

In China, people say that it is great for you, but it’s not! Eating shark fin soup risks getting dementia. It contains HIGH levels of BMAA, and BMAA causes degenerative brain diseases. As well as preventing reproduction in men and causing birth defects in pregnant women, it has no health properties, like a normal soup would. If you won’t say NO to shark fin soup for sharks, do it for humans.

Donald Trump recently had shark fin soup. The brain disease is not a threat to him since he obviously already has it. This is also a terrible example for a leader to set! Although you most likely will not be eating Shark fin soup, it is important to know about it, and to: