Goldie Marina

What's Going On



The oceans of yesterday teemed with fish and swarmed with marine diversity. But what the oceans of tomorrow will hold is a mystery. Maybe a few worms? Will there even be grass? The question we have to ask ourselves is why? What's the reason? Do we not like our animals? Is there anyone out there who can say they would rather an empty ocean? If you yourself care in any way about nature than you should take a step back and look at what we are doing to our oceans.


Have you ever eaten a piece of sushi? Or had a fish fillet or a fish stick. Most people have because fish is a commonly eaten food. What people don't think about is that fish doesn't just fall from the sky. We have to fish for it obviously. But sticking in one bait at a time and waiting isn't enough for a fishing company. So they got new techniques that are more efficient. But the more efficient these new techniques become the more fish are becoming endangered. The more fish are going extinct. Fish is only good for less than a week, that means that it has to be prepared sold and consumed in under a week, and when it's not it's thrown to waste. So more fish is fished, and any animal that's caught and unwanted is thrown back into the ocean. Dead. and that's how we are killing our ocean. More and more marine animals are going extinct, you name it and it's endangered. It is estimated that the oceans are gonna be empty by 2048. That is less than 40 years away and in most of our lifetime. But 40 years is also enough time to stop it. But we would have to do it quick.


First off spread the news. Let people see the facts. Next we should let your senators or who ever is in office hear our side if enough people talk to them about it they will say something. There should be a limit to the amount of fish caught and a law against using certain nets, some species should be left to themselves for at least a few years to regenerate there should be safe places where any type of fish could go to be safe from fisher men. So spread the word and help make a difference. Because this is important and everyone should know.