polar bears

Ocean Killers




But OK, is it just me, or are these THE cutest animals EVER?!

Well if you have half a brain, then you will be nodding 'yes' and smiling at the adorable baby animals.

But we are KILLING these animals. Have you ever had a wrapper and thought "oh how much dammage can ONE wrapper do?!" and tossed it onto the ground?  Well guess what? One peice of plastic can kill something as big as this guy:



4 Ocean killing problems

1). Speedboat strikes

Speedboats going really fast near marine mammals is dangerous because mammals need air. Strikes are scars from speedboats on an animals body. Strikes are so prominent on manatees that scientists can identify individuals by their strikes


Manatees also known as sea cows, share an order with their cousins. Fort the speedboats there is no time to avoid them. Think about it. If there is an air-breathing mammal in the ocean, it will come up for air (otherwise it dies); if there are any boats around, once again particularly speedboats, it is likely going to get hit.

Of course many manatees die yearly due to this cause; manatees have very few natural predators, so obviously the human race had to mess that up. They could get their tails caught, be striked “normally”, or get a direct hit to the head and die immediately; even if it’s not a direct hit to the head, many manatees die just from the blood loss There are laws and speed limits, but since when did everyone obey and care about the law? These laws barely help, and for a law to be obeyed, it must be enforced!. I believe that boating in areas in which manatees are common, should be banned.

2). Fishing nets/ghost nets

Ghost nets are nets that fishermen abandon that can continue killing for up to 500 years. For marine mammals they are particularly dangerous because marine mammals still need air so they drown.


Don't let his adorable baby sea otter drown!

3). Oil pollution

Oil pollution literally suffocates the water. It sucks up oxygen and if caught on fire can trap animals.

Oil spill--Disaster type

Oil spill--Disaster type

If you look up oil spill, it is listed as ‘disaster type’ just like brush fires and tornadoes, and floods.

To save the ocean we need to implant filters and patrols.

4). Sea ice breaking--global warming

If sea ice breaks to early in the year, it is really really hard for polar bears to find food. This is the result of global warnings, there will be no sea ice by 2040, and polar bears gone sometime between now and then. When the ice breaks early it leaves the polar bears stranded in the middle of the ocean!

A stranded polar bear family, to far to other ice to swim.

A stranded polar bear family, to far to other ice to swim.

We need to take down pollution rates and stop smoke pollution and unclean factory production!

If we don't take action, then that makes us ocean killers.