My Favorite Beaches In SoCal


Along with finding solutions to problems, we also occasionally do the online equivalent of a newspaper’s lifestyle/travel column! Just kidding. I don’t actually know. Maybe this is just a one time thing. But whatever this is, be prepared to feel an urge to visit the beach!

By the way, by SoCal I mean “Los Angeles county.”

1. This exact spot.

Follow my directions exactly if you wish to be at my special spot. Yes, the whole of Palisades Park is beautiful, but the spot is top of the staircase that aligns with the corner of Ocean Ave and Arizona. You don’t have to go down the staircase, just stand/sit there at the top and look at the view.

2. This jetty.

Marina Del Rey, that’s right. This beach is, to the layman, far from beautiful. I have an eye for things that look lost and useless and industrial and dystopian (which is why I love the port of Los Angeles). I happen to think the view from the little pier is quite pretty. But there is trash everywhere. I would strip down and go into the water to get it myself if I could walk. (Yeah, that’s right! I use a wheelchair. All these places are hence accessible.) It is definitely not the Bahamas. Far from it. The view to the north (and south, I guess) reminds me of two things: one, an ancient harbor kingdom, like Carthage or something from straight fantasy, and two - it reminds me that there is work to do. It is the place I go to think of solutions. It is the place I go to allow a bit (just a bit, don’t worry!) of darkness and bitterness into this ocean-saving work. This little jetty reminds me there is work to be done.

Go to the jetty. I don’t mean to scare you away from it. You won’t step out of the car and suddenly feel depressed. All the jetty does for me, really, is remind me, I can’t ignore what we’ve been doing when I’m looking right at it.

3. Santa Monica Beach 



This beach is very stereotypically beautiful. It has a long bike path and a few restaurants along it, if you use a wheelchair and really can’t walk (I sort of walk badly holding onto a walker/walls/people) I’m sorry to say you won’t be able to get on the sand unless you have one of those fancy beach wheelchairs (lucky you, then!), but there are “sand piers” (not actual piers), wooden paths that branch of the main one that you can walk/ride down that lead closer to the beach.

Nice place. Pleasant place.

4. Asilomar Park 

This is the opposite of the jetty for me. It is filled with light and happiness and the view of the sunset is wonderful. I discovered it (maybe) a year ago when I was driving around with my dad. It is my absolute favorite place to go. It allows me to be with my thoughts without drowning in them, again, sort of the opposite of the jetty for me. This place makes me feel utter joy. If it gets really creepily hot over there, I might stay away, but if it gets cold...I’m there pretty much no matter what.

All in all, these places will always be my favorite places to be. Global warming will lead Earth to insane extremes and new heights of architecture and design. Los Angeles, for instance, might become a winter destination...or a rare destination. As they say about the mail, "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." I might live far away and have Asilomar Park or the jetty as they are now be only memories, but the memories will be good ones. Powerful ones.